What is the difference between each type of rhinoplasty surgery

The tip of the nose is the highest part of the face. This part of the surgery enhances the overall beauty of the face. Although the nose bridge is prominent But if the tip of the nose is low and blunt A face can’t be perfect. On the other hand, if the tip of the nose is up high. The face will look dimensional and younger. The tip of the nose is therefore an important part that makes the nose more beautiful.

The ideal rhinoplasty

Use cartilage, such as cartilage behind the ear, instead of an artificial organ. to look soft and natural The height, angle and shape of the nose tip can be adjusted as needed by designing and focusing on the natural line connecting to the forehead.

Method for rhinoplasty surgery

The tip of the nostrils in the ideology has two nostrils like mushrooms. and connects to the bridge of the nose gently, must be slightly higher than the bridge of the nose. When viewed from the front, the tip of the nose is slender and not upward, so it is called a beautiful nose tip. Nose tip surgery must be done to accommodate the bridge of the nose. Surgery can be performed together with the bridge of the nose or can be done separately.

normal nose tip

If the shape of the nose tip is close to the ideal tip of the nose There may not be much need for surgery. Just tie the cartilage at the end of the nose that blooms to close together.

Enhance the tip of the nose to be more prominent.

If the nasal cartilage implant is not satisfactory May be supplemented with cartilage or adipose tissue (dermal fat graft), etc. The cartilage behind the ear is closest to the nasal cartilage. Therefore, it can be used to enhance the tip of the nose to make it stand up naturally.

The tip of the nose is very flat, and must be strengthened to stand up.

A very flat nose is a characteristic that when measuring the tip of the nose and mouth, there is a difference of more than 110 degrees, or if the tip of the nose has to be augmented, it is very prominent. often supplemented with a nose pole (cartiagoalaris) to make the tip of the nose rise

1. Long, curved nose

The nose is long, protruding, with the nose bridge raised in the middle of the nose and the tip of the nose protruding down. It could be from birth or an accident that caused a broken nose. This type of nose makes him look tough. Able to undergo surgery to correct a long, curved nose to make it slimmer Surgery to correct a protruding nose requires general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours. Able to leave the hospital within that day and remove stitches 7 days after surgery.

2. Long Nose Surgery

A long, protruding nose can be performed to correct bone and cartilage to achieve a long, straight nose shape. A skilled and experienced surgeon will be able to correct a long, protruding nose, low bridge of the nose, nose tip, etc. in one operation.

What types of long nose surgery are there?

Not very bent. If the nose is not very bent. It is not difficult to perform surgery on the slightly curved bone.

Very convoluted, corrected by adding prostheses together with cartilage, dermis, etc. to correct the low bridge of the nose. including the bones that are bent to stand up

The nose is very big and protruding. If a bone that is very bent is cut off. The lateral cartilage must be filed out. and tie the nasal ridge as well

The nose looks natural and charming.

3. crooked nose

A crooked nose isn’t just an aesthetic problem. But it can cause rhinitis and sinus problems, narrow nostrils, making it difficult to breathe. Congenital or accidental deformed nose needs to be corrected Surgery to correct a crooked nose requires general anesthesia. The surgery took 1.30-2 hours and you were able to leave the hospital that day. and remove the splint after 7 days after surgery

Surgery to correct the crooked nose

In addition to a specialist surgeon who will be able to solve cosmetic problems. Other problems such as the crooked septum can also be solved by straightening the crooked septum. in order to prevent the nose from becoming crooked again

What are the methods of surgery to correct the narrowed nose?

Nose crooked, crooked or crooked nose bone can be corrected by straightening the nasal bone.

The nose is very crooked, most of the time the center of the nose is crooked. The cartilage that is the septal septum must be straightened. along with fixing the nostrils together and straighten the crooked cartilage so that the nose does not come back to crooked again

4. Rosemary’s nose

Most Easterners have less cartilage on the wing of the nose but have a lot of meat. making the nose look blunt

Nose correction surgery

Remove excess fat under the skin to make the wings of the nose smaller. Use the cartilage to enhance the tip of the nose for a soft, natural look and to complement the overall face. Surgery does not have to be difficult to cut the cartilage on the wing of the nose. Just add another layer of cartilage to make the tip of the nose slimmer.

Method of surgery to correct the pink nose

big nose wing

cut down the cartilage and tie the wings of the nose on both sides by adding cartilage behind the ear or septal cartilage to be a pillar The wings of the nose are smaller. Helps the nose become more slender

winged nose

File the cartilage to make it smaller. Then narrow the cartilage on both sides, the walls of the nostrils that connect to each other will be higher, helping the tip of the nose stand up.

The wings of the nose are very fat.

get rid of excess fat Then add the tip of the nose to be more prominent if the nose is very flat. or have surgery on the bridge of the nose together The nose should be augmented with its own tissues.

How to take care of yourself after rhinoplasty

  1. 1-2 days after surgery, there may be nosebleeds. Use a tissue to gently absorb the bleeding.
  2. After the surgery, tape must be attached to cover the nose.
  3. Don’t blow your nose and don’t wear glasses or sunglasses for 1 month after surgery.
  4. Cut the thread and remove the tape 7 days after surgery.
  5. Generally, there will be swelling on the bridge of the nose for about 1 week after surgery.

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