Trends that will dominate business industry in 2022

The success of Twitch demonstrates the trend towards producing simple and easy-to-digest content for entertainment. 

The days of producing long and boring content are over.

Internet users no longer want to make as much effort , and between a brand that produces simple and engaging content (videos, carousels, etc.), and less digestible content (text blocks, etc.), the choice is quickly made. So, don’t forget getting Twitch followers is easy.

On social networks, you must therefore review the form of your content, and offer simple content for entertainment, even if it means then moving on to richer content on other channels (eg a blog).

For example, a drawing or an illustration will always be better than a long speech.

Remember that if Internet users are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram… it’s above all to have fun… not to read a treatise on philosophy.

Knowing that the “ROI” format remains the video, with an assembly that will have been specifically adapted for fast food consumption:

  • A duration of less than 2 minutes
  • Subtitles
  • Visuals of people to catch the eye
  • A catchphrase that should arouse the curiosity of the reader

Another key element to stand out on social networks is to bet on the human and the conversational.

There is a huge difference in interactions between a post showing a person’s photo and one with a generic photo or no photo at all.

You have to dare to show your face and that of your collaborators.

Similarly, we must seek interaction so that other members of social networks participate and are not just “spectators”.

The “top down” communication where knowledge pushes information is over, we must enter the era of conversation, with the search for interactions with our contacts.

The classic being of course the survey, but beyond this simple format, the basic rule is to systematically ask a question, ask for an opinion, provoke a reaction…

With each publication, you must ask yourself:

  • Is my publication easy to consult?
  • Will the user quickly learn something?
  • Does it make you want to share, click or comment?
  • If I see this post, do I want to like, and especially to comment?
  • Will my audience recognize themselves in this situation?

Of course, you should not only publish snack content, but you should use it to broaden your audience and not be confined to your current ecosystem.

Another trend that goes beyond encouraging interaction is conversational mode. 

Conversational mode is transforming a text into a discussion.

It is therefore necessary to write “as if you were speaking”, in order to launch a debate and interaction.

This conversational aspect is also found in the newsletter, texts on the website, etc. to facilitate exchanges between the company and the customer.

A company must no longer just seek to prove that it is the best, but it must also create a link with its readers.

To note : 

  • TikTok is also valid in BtoB marketing , because it is not only young people who use TikTok, it is now a channel that affects the entire population. In addition, the network’s audience growth still allows for organic visibility (unlike Facebook, which is saturated with content), and thus there is still a source of growth for content creators. .
  • For a Blog on Google, long content is still key . Indeed, on Google the goal is not to distract them but to give them the best answer to their question. However, in this fight for completeness, it is (often) the richest and most complete content that comes out first in Google’s results. For example, in the field of marketing, it takes rather 2000 words to hope to be visible on moderately competitive keywords (with the addition of external and internal links that point to the page).
  • Content should not be the only channel for acquiring leads . It is necessary to mix advertising, content, growth hacking… in order to have a marketing plan that covers all of its target.

What you need to do: 

  • Think about your current content, how to reuse it with a “snack content” format, i.e. easy to consume on social networks via a mini video, a carousel…
  • When you publish content on social networks, ventilate your publications, add emojis… in order to make the text breathe.
  • Always look for interaction and make your contacts or your audience react, whether through a question, sharing of experience, reaction, approval, debate…
  • Gather your community of customers, for example in an online community, in a WhatsApp… in order to promote short and direct exchanges that create links with your community.

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