Transform Your E-Commerce Business with These 8 Tips!

Launching an e-commerce business in today’s time requires a ton of effort – especially in making it stand out from the crowd. To transform and boost your e-commerce business, you must follow the right practices and techniques that won’t demand too much of your time, money, and effort, although consistency is the key here.

To help you out, we’ve listed down the top 8 techniques every e-commerce business should follow to improve customer experience and sales!

Focus on UI and UX

Studies have shown that a user takes only 5 seconds to decide if they want to browse your website or not. It’s important to make an impression that will last – a good one. New businesses thrive on good impressions. The buyer journey begins when the user visits your social media page or your website – it’s the first touchpoint. Unoriginality, horrible color scheme, inconsistency in tone, and bad navigation can instantly dissolve any chance of that happening.

Most e-commerce businesses will be found on Shopify and BigCommerce. Being the top choices for most business owners, these platforms understand the significance a good user interface and user experience hold in the user journey mapping. A well-designed website will do wonders for user experience and the sales funnel. It’s important to test each element you plan on adding to the UI for it significantly transforms the user experience.

Be custom-centric

New businesses make a ton of mistakes in the initial phases of their business and one mistake that can cost them their entire customer base is not being customer-centric enough. The key to perfecting the buyer journey and eliminating the number of risks associated is to imagine yourself as the customer.

What would attract you to visit the website? What catches your eye? Is free shipping enough? What perks should you get? Is the checkout process smooth enough? Can you edit your shopping list? Can you leave things in the cart for the next visit?

Answering these basic questions can help you transform your business to be more customer-centric. Ecommerce businesses are designed to present the best solution possible to stay relevant in a competitive industry.

Be mobile optimized

The future is mobile. Our dependability and reliance on these tiny little handheld devices aka our smartphones is at an all-time high.  The importance of a mobile-friendly experience goes beyond watching Netflix shows or reading the news on the go. Make sure the website is mobile-optimized, even if it’s designed originally for desktop users. A mobile-optimized website will downsize and fit into the screen of the device without compromising on the quality of images and readability.

The navigation of a mobile-optimized website is smoother, the sizes of the images shrink down, and the website becomes clutter-free for a sleek and minimalistic appearance.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media has evolved into a universal business tool that is now used for marketing purposes. It does more than just connect people across the globe. Brands use this lucrative business tool to learn more about their customers and how to satisfy them. While most brands hire a social media expert to handle their social media pages and maintain a brand presence, others just wing it by following the day-to-day news and latest trends taking over social media apps every day.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest business-centric platforms available in the market. Being socially active is key to staying relevant in a competitive environment. Post content regularly, update stories, interact with followers through comments and Tweets, follow similar pages to yours and collaborate with influencers.

TDS internet plans will make sure all your social media pages are active and running by keeping you connected to your customers, even on the go! TDS offers a variety of TDS Internet service plans to fit your specific needs. TDS have several high-speed internet tiers available, with speeds up to 1 Gig. Prices start at $34.95/mo for new customers with qualifying services.

Polish SEO skills

How does one compete in a saturated market? What factors should they consider to stand out from a saturated market? Enter SEO. With new competition entering the market every now and then, new businesses have an even harder time making their mark. The rapid growth of e-commerce is making it difficult for brands to rank their websites on search engines. This is where SEO helps them significantly.

The key to mastering a website’s SEO is by including relevant keywords, optimizing the website, adding backlinks, reducing the loading time, share new content, and optimizing web URLs.

Evaluate Your Competition

Always know what your competition is up to. You want to give your customers what others can’t. Keeping track of the competitor’s activities is important to stay on top of your game. Plus analyzing your competition, their products, and services gives you the go-ahead on improving your marketing strategy. You can fill in the gaps left by others here.

Use CTA buttons

A user will only click on your ad if something triggers them to take an action. Maybe it’s the discount code, maybe they want to know about the product or they’re interested in signing up for a service, either way, they don’t want to fill out long forms to get what they want. This is where call-to-action buttons are included. They are designed to boost the conversion rate and guide the user with clear instructions ensuring site usability.

Any signup form you design should be short and to the point as e-commerce businesses only need a valid email address from customers. The CTA button should look like one. Make sure the color, size, font, and position of the button should be clear.

Use Live Chat And Customer Support Features

One of the best ways to keep a customer satisfied and happy is by offering great customer support. Excellent customer service should be every business’s priority. It’s encouraged to use live-chat and customer support features to simplify business development. The live chat feature will help the customer address their queries and concerns and find a solution in real-time. The unavailability of any human touch on the website will finally be eliminated with a live chat feature. It allows you to communicate directly with customers and solve their problems in real-time.

It adds a human touch to the website and leaves the customers tempted enough to purchase something from your site.

To Wrap It Up

Customers are inclined to use e-commerce stores online only if the features are practical and useful enough. Practice these 8 tips and attract the right traffic to your e-commerce business!

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