Top 10 Slope Stations to Visit Across India

India’s snow-covered mountains, moving green slopes, beautiful lakes, and great slope stations are ideal for a refreshing break from the hotness of the city. There are a number of hill stations across the country, and many are best visited during the cool seasons, such as the winter and summer monsoons. In addition to enjoying the ambiance, there are numerous outside undertakings to enjoy, including kayaking, water hurrying rides, journeying, and paragliding.

If you are looking for a peaceful retreat, Amboli is for you. In the north, Pachmarhi is a great choice. You can experience the Mahabharata in the midst of a majestic landscape. It is also a popular spot for pilgrims. The prime locations of this picturesque city are the Jata Shankar and Rajendra Giri. In the south, Keylong is home to monasteries and lush green valleys. The Pin Valley is worth a visit.

In Last

One of the most popular slope stations in India is Mussoorie. Famous for its beautiful mountain scenery and Ruskin Bond’s residence, this town is located approximately 34 kilometers from Dehradun. There are several attractions in this town, including the Lal Tibba, the oldest Tibetan monastery in India, and the Royal Leh Palace. You can spend a few days wandering the streets, stopping to photograph the stunning landscapes and soaking in the atmosphere.

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