Things To Consider Before Buying A Slowpitch Softball Bat

If you are planning on playing slowpitch softball, then you will need to purchase a bat. It can be very time-consuming and challenging to find the right one for your needs. If you are a first-time player, the buying process can be intimidating.

There are no set guidelines regarding the type of bat that you should use, and there are various options that you can choose from. Although it’s important to choose the right bat for your sport, it’s also important to consider other factors such as the type of bat and the reviews that have been posted online.

Some prefer heavier bats that have more power, while others prefer lighter ones that are capable of moving with speed. If you’re a fan of composite bats, you might want to try this type, though it’s not allowed in most leagues.

Things To Consider When Deciding on a Slowpitch Softball Bat to Buy

1. Grip

The type of grip that you choose is determined by the amount of space that you’ll have between the taper and the knob. Ideally, a softball bat should have a grip that’s at least 10 to 15 inches wide.

Most softball bats come with a variety of materials that can be used to cover the grip, such as rubber, synthetic leather, and plain leather. If you’re not comfortable with these types of materials, then you should pick a different one. If you are having trouble with grip, you can purchase sprays to help improve it.

2. Barrel Size

The barrel diameter is another important factor that you should consider when it comes to choosing a softball bat. This part of the bat comes into contact with the pitch and has a smooth and curved shape. The length of most bats varies from 12-14 inches, and the diameter is around two inches.

If you’re a fan of strong hitting, then you might want to go for the shorter barrels. On the other hand, if you’re more comfortable with the larger ones, then you might want to try them for speed-hitting. Before you settle on a new bat, you should test it out first.

3. Weight

The weight of a softball bat is a crucial factor that you should consider when it comes to choosing one. Most of the bats that are available in the market come in varying sizes. For instance, the majority of bats that are available weigh around 26oz to 30oz.

The weight distribution of slowpitch softball bats is divided into two categories. The end-load and the balanced distribution. In the former, the weight is evenly distributed across the entire bat, while in the latter, the weight is concentrated at the end.

When it comes to choosing a softball bat, you should consider the weight distribution and playing style of the one that you pick. A heavier one will allow you to get bigger hits and improve your speed. On the other hand, a lighter one will allow you to achieve speeds that are faster.

4. Material

Aluminum, composite, wood, and alloy are some of the materials used in making slowpitch softball bats. The price of each material will be a determining factor when it comes to choosing one.

Most people prefer buying composite slowpitch softball bats due to their various features, such as being made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and graphite. However, these types of bats tend to break easily, which is a disadvantage.

Most people are familiar with the types of wooden bats that are made by various companies. These include bamboo, ash, maple, and composite wood. Bamboo bats are more durable and have a stronger feel compared to ash. On the other hand, maple bats are ideal for big-hitting individuals due to their stiffness.

Aluminum or metallic softball bats are more robust and lighter in weight than their composite counterparts. They also have better durability and are less expensive. Some bats are made with a combination of materials. For instance, you can get a two-piece design with a composite handle and an alloy barrel. This type of bat offers better flexibility and vibration resistance.

5. Bat Taper

The tapered part of the softball bat is made from smooth and transitional material that connects the barrel to the handle. This part can measure 31/32nds of an inch long. If you want to swing the wrist more, you should use a narrow tapper.

6. Length

Most companies make softball bats that have a uniform length of 34 inches, which means that they only produce different types of bats with the same length.

Bottom Line

Before you buy a slowpitch softball bat, it’s important that you thoroughly research the various features and materials used in making it. Set yourself a fair amount of money aside to ensure you can purchase a bat that will help you play better and last a long time.

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