These Electronics Are Seeing a Resurgence

With nostalgia being some of our favorite dopamine assistors, some old-school gadgets have been popping up this year. You’ll find no shortage of retro and newer electronics online and in stores.

How We Listen

Most people have at least a radio, soundbar, or some other music system in their homes. Additionally, most of us have a cell phone to listen to our jams on as well.  But some classic throwbacks have been on the rise as of late. Record players are becoming increasingly more desirable. The need for vinyl has been so prevalent that artists now release vinyl when they are dropping a new album.

You can head to the electronics section in Walmart or Target and purchase a new record of your favorite artists. No longer are the days when browsing a record store is a relic of the past. They have remade the style of record players from the large, old, wooden box structure to sleek and simple. Music giants see a promising market by integrating the best tech with the finest sound quality.

Record players aren’t the only music players we see taking over. With tv shows such as Stranger Things, 80s vibes are on their way back into the mainstream. Cassette players, once thought to be extinct, are being sought after at record rates. Many innovative markets online and on shops like Etsy are those that refurbish or recreate older tech. See what you can find browsing second-hand apps as well. Thought your old man’s Tears for Fears cassette was obsolete? Think again!

How We Play

Ahhh, the days of Saturday mornings being home from school and playing some Super Mario Bros on your Nintendo. Those times bring back the best memories for a lot of us millennials. And many of these companies realize that we love that kind of stuff. These days, they have brought back versions of our favorite gaming systems! You can find miniature emulators loaded with traditional games from our childhood.

PlayStation, Nintendo, and Sega are all coming back with a bang. You can purchase varieties of these emulators, from handheld devices to home devices. If you’ve been dying to chill out and play Pokemon on a classic Gameboy, or something like it, then look no further. While it may not look exactly the same, or operate exactly the same, you’re still going to have a blast. The Analog Pocket is a newer recreation of our favorite handheld and can easily play your old-school cartridges.

It hasn’t been released yet but it is highly anticipated! You can preorder one right in time for the holidays. But if you’re looking for even more handhelds, there are a ton of custom-made systems that electronics lovers create. On websites like Amazon and eBay, you’ll find dozens of options for every type of gamer.

How We Watch

Every couple of years or so, our electronics get a facelift and we, as consumers, can’t get enough of it. As far as retro televisions, there’s not much of a market. Most people want to be able to watch a colored and clear television. However, splurging on a giant television was cool once long ago. How many times did you go to a friend’s house for them to boast about their television for a half hour? Well with advancements in this industry, purchasing a fancy television is becoming a trend again.

There is a resurgence of tech across the board as of late. Even laptops and gaming PCs are coming back into style. Most of us had moved away from these larger options and onto sleek tablets or cell phones. However, they are becoming more affordable and more accessible. This means the market for these industries will start to pick up again. There are even options for buy now pay later laptops, cell phones, and tablets. It is the most convenient way to get your hands on some of the best tech.

One thing is for sure, Americans love being entertained. And as we sail towards a brighter and more innovative future, technology will be with us along the way. However, no one said you had to choose between your nostalgia and your premium electronics. The future is full of both and we couldn’t be happier!

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