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In the case of search engine optimisation, adding more content, optimizing image filenames, and improving internal links can help your site’s search visibility. However, the most significant factor in enhancing a site’s SEO is to improve the three most important ranking factors: page content, keyword density, and website structure. The latter two determine how your web pages will appear in SERPs. To increase your site’s search visibility, you must optimize these three elements. To improve the ranking of your website, search engines first need to find pages on the web, scan them for keywords and topics, and then add them to their index, which allows them to display your site for relevant queries.

Search engines use the page load time to determine a website’s quality, so you need to make sure it’s quick. The speed of your pages depends on many factors, including the number of images on your page. Use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool to determine how fast your pages load. You can also improve the speed of your website by removing dead links. These links send visitors to nonexistent pages, and broken redirects point to resources that are no longer on your site. The dead links and broken redirects prevent search engines from indexing your content.

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Final Touch

Besides the title and the keyword phrases, your page’s meta description also affects its ranking. This metadata is responsible for the title displayed on your browser window and the headline in the search engine results. It’s the most important metadata on your page. A CMS website has an automated system for creating meta titles. If your site is a CMS, you should use well-written titles and keyword phrases for your pages.

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