Parenthood is a Struggle You Can Win

Recognizing it For What it Is

At an infrastructural level, putting the hard work off is bad for business. It’s the same with anything, including marriage and parenthood. That for which you work harder, you appreciate more. Here’s an analogy to help.

Imagine a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain. Imagine climbing to that same peak. Which approach will result in a better view? If you take the helicopter, you’re in the air an hour or two, you see the topography from the sky, and it’s not much better at the top of the mountain.

If you climb, you prepare for hours or days, spend hours or days on the mountain, and when you finally get to the peak, you’ll want to sit there and just drink it in for a minute. You’ll enjoy the view more. It’s the same with parenting. The harder things are, the better the end result. So don’t cut corners.

Unlike hiking, parenthood is harder and more dangerous. There are only a little over 200 frozen failed climbers whose final resting place is the peak of Mt. Everest. Many more parents experience much more dire circumstances at home, both physically and mentally. It’s a real conflict with real casualties. And you can win. Here are tips that help.

The Change in Social Realities

You can’t go out with friends like you did if you want to save money and be a good mom. Other parents will be foe and ally, depending on their parental style and shared family values. You’ll now have to contend with government bureaucracies influencing vaccinations and school choice.

These things are a struggle. Ask your parents how they overcame, and make relevant decisions based in that knowledge. You can’t avoid this aspect of parenthood, but if you’re prepped, you’ll have a leg up on everybody else, and that’s good for you and your child.

Common Lactation Complications

Mastitis, sore nipples, breastmilk expression issues, or a clogged milk duct on nipple represent common breastfeeding issues you’re very likely to encounter as a new mom. Follow the link for lactation advice from professional consultants. Also, get some lanolin and a breast pump before your baby is born,

Financial Considerations and Healthcare

You’re going to have unexpected expenses as a mom. Make all your meals at home, make your coffee at home, only shop for the essentials, reduce travel expenses, shop coupon bargains, share expenses with other parents.

Similarly, when seeking healthcare (and you’re going to need a lot of it as a new mom), get options in advance of need to save money without losing quality in healthcare.

Understanding the Battlefield of Parenthood for Parental Victory

Social realities shift, physical issues like lactation complication are common, financial problems will be a struggle, and healthcare options can be costly. But if you plan in advance, at minimum, you’ll be better prepared for the “climb” ahead, and at the end of the struggle, you’ll come out victorious.

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