Men’s Fashion Y2K Style With the Addition of Cowboy Hats

Like females, men’s fashion has also drastically evolved. Now you don’t anymore get stuck with dark suits and drab colors. Today, you have various clothing options to express your style. Several fashion designers cater specifically to men’s fashion. It means that men can find something that fits their taste and budget. You can also check magazines and online resources that provide information on the latest trends. Things have become so easy with so many options available. Hence, there cannot be any excuse for men not to dress stylishly. Whether desiring a casual look or a formal one, you have diverse choices to explore. So don’t be afraid to deconstruct or reconstruct the style that best suits you.

In this context, do you remember the Y2K fashion era? The era saw the surge of new fashion concepts, and menswear couldn’t stay untouched. The Y2K aesthetic emphasized clean lines, minimalism, and futuristic vibes. If you wish to see the fashion icons that carried this style to its peak, check David Beckham and Brad Pitt. You can get the Y2K look with a clean-cut hairstyle and simple, well-fitting clothes. The go-to options are slim-fitting trousers, button-down shirts, and sharp blazers. A mix of cutting-edge accessories like square frame glasses and a digital watch can also be helpful. Hold on before you conclude that it’s all. The Y2K lookbooks can be popular right now; still, it doesn’t mean you have to embrace this in its entirety.

You can infuse your modern sensibilities to make this nostalgic encounter last longer. You can achieve this with your hats. Like women, you can also match your cowboy hat with the Y2K style for some light fun and plenty of coolness. Do you worry about finding the correct type of cowboy hat? Check places like . Now, get down to the clothing options you can wear with a cowboy hat to dish out some of the best looks regularly.

Futuristic clothes – boldness and brightness

During the aughts, the internet took over the world, and its impact overflowed into clothing. So the digital age paved the way for men’s Y2K fashion, inspired by music videos essentially. The everyday wear became brightly colored with bold prints and a metallic finish. If you want to introduce that aspect into your fashion closet, select bold colors – violet, blue, and green- the easiest way. Choose pastels and neons with extravagant prints. If you are a fearless adopter, go for bigger and better designs, such as geometric patterns, paisley, and flowers. Usually, people think of topping off this look with a bucket hat. That’s nice, but you can turn it into a personal statement by wearing your cowboy hat. You have to see what it will be – felt, leather, or straw. But it can be outstanding.

Street fashion – hip-hop type

As mentioned, it was the musical age, where people would listen to music channels that played great hits from the popular genre without a break. The Y2K fashion made its presence felt through television screens, and hip-hop was the undisputed theme. If you have any idea, you may recall the prevalence of leisurewear, huge puffer jackets, and loose jeans. The street style had an edge and continues influencing the young at heart. Details can look more refined than before with straight-cut denim jeans and a simple t-shirt.

Footwear can be lug sole boot. You can save some off-duty loungewear sets and experience the yesteryear era’s charm and comfort. If you desire to taste that trend, slip into your slimmer jeans and form-fitting shirt. No matter what you opt for, a cowboy hat can always add a touch of completeness to your style. It would cover up any gaps you may have missed by mistake.

Punk rock look – skinnier things

It doesn’t need reiterating that the era was about the flourishing of music genres. On the one hand, some developed a liking for hip-hop, while others fell in love with the punk vibe. Now, these two groups showed different types of leaning toward clothing. Everyone knows hip-hop has been about baggy pants and jeans. But did you know that punk rock encouraged skinnier versions? Skinny jeans were the mainstay of the look, rounded off by high tops and bold sneakers. In tees, graphic designs were popular. Then, things like zip-up hoodies, wallet chains, skateboards, chunky belts, and bracelets were the add-ons. At that time, the fedora was typical.

You can borrow some elements from there and mix them with your style to own what you wear. You can replace a fedora with a cowboy hat to have a bold and unique personality. While graphic tees are still there, you can match them with comfy bottoms.

There are hundreds of styles to try with your cowboy hat. So don’t stop at one or two iterations. Explore more if you are a genuine fashion-loving person.

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