Make Your Baths Even More Relaxing With a Bath Pillow

Why are baths so relaxing? While showers are a part of the typical daily regimen, baths are seen as a special treat, for a person’s body, to be done for special occasions. But both have their purposes and especially their advantages over the other. Showers are cleaner than baths. If the priority is finding a way to thoroughly cleanse a person’s entire body, then having a shower is the way to go. Showers evenly distribute water over a person’s body and washes the now contaminated water out of sight. When taking a shower, water efficiently mixes with soap on to the body to break apart dirt, sweat and oils that are stuck to the skin. The water then quickly runs down into the drain. Hot showers produce steam and warmth, which can soothe muscles and release toxins, while cooler showers can help burn fat and boost immunity. A cold shower has the opposite effect of a hot shower for someone with hypertension or cardiovascular disease, since exposure to cold temperatures triggers the circulatory system to reduce inflammation and can help prevent cardiovascular disease. Showers are, generally, said to improve circulation under the skin, also known as vasoconstriction. This may stimulate blood flow at the scalp, improving the way hair looks, while also promoting that glowing look of healthy skin. Showers that start at warm to lukewarm temperatures and are then adjusted to gradually get colder have been suggested to stimulate the nervous system, promote endorphins, and help improve symptoms of depression. All good, right? But baths, once done properly, are also as great as showers for stress relief – which both elevates a person’s mood as well as providing them with lower blood pressure – which means a healthier heart, relaxing muscles, stimulating a person’s nervous system, and gently exfoliating skin. Baths, in addition to all the health benefits, might feature a few accessories that are said to heighten the experience even further like bath bombs, waterproof bluetooth speakers, bath caddy tray or even a bath pillow. But how do these accessories add to an already relaxing activity and what are the different types of baths a person can take to tantalize and treat their body.

What Are Types of Baths People Take?

It is no secret that warmth retained from a hot bath also helps a person to fall asleep as it relaxes muscles, therefore making it beneficial for those that have trouble falling asleep. It can also help people fight colds and nasal congestion by warming their body, freeing congested pathways and promoting clearer breathing intake. The higher temperature of the bath should cause sweating, promoting loss of weight in the long term. There are different types of baths geared towards differing types of relief. Baths that only come up to around the hips and lower buttocks is called a sitz bath. It can also be used to treat: itching, irritation and hemorrhoids. A sitz bath is also a great home remedy to promote healing of the perineum (the area between the anus and the posterior part of the external genitalia) after giving birth.

Another type of bath is centered around scents and therapy centered on that. A bath with a few drops of essential oils can be used to calm minds and soothe tired muscles. Lavender and eucalyptus are especially relaxing oils to use for aromatherapy. But there are hundreds of scents to choose from with more combinations being experimented on every day. So interested parties would not have to look too far for a scent, or scents, that appeals to them.

As strange as it might sound, there are definitely cases where a good, and hot, oatmeal bath is just what a body needs. A fine powder called colloidal oatmeal, made from real grounded oatmeal, is added to the hot water in the bath and then because of its consistency; the colloidal oatmeal remains floating on the top. Oatmeal baths can protect skin and soothe the itching and irritation from eczema and can also act as a shield to help maintain a skin’s surface pH level.

Hot baths could also be used to reduce cold and flu symptoms. Epsom salt and baking soda added in the bathtub. Steam from the bath will help to loosen mucus blockage which comes from the inflammation in the nasal passages. By loosening the mucus build-up, then the person affected will be able to clear the obstructions, allowing better breathing. These baths should reduce body aches, break a fever, and relax sore muscles – if instructions are correctly followed.

What Are The Bath Accessories Available?

It is fortunate that over the years there have been more and more carefully thought out innovations made to have the home bath be one of the most pleasurable parts of a person’s day. These additions, individually, seem small however all put together can really convert a bathroom into an oasis of sorts or at least like a day spa. Bath pillows are one of the most popular accessories for the bathtub mainly because they do so much to help a person enjoy the bathing process in several different ways. Bath pillows are crucial for supporting and protecting the neck from  injury and pain. Some people might lie in a bathtub with their neck hanging without proper support leading to stiffness, tightness, and extreme pain. Just as the bath pillow can support the neck and upper body, a good bath pillow could be configured to help alleviate persistent back aches and pains. Because bath pillows vary in shapes and sizes, it stands to reason that particular types could be acquired to focus on particular muscle groups. Especially if there is pressure built up in a person’s muscles and joints. Bath pillows are, ultimately, there to help prevent unnecessary spinal injuries that may occur in the tub due to poor posture or body positioning because of this comfort this leads to a good relaxation experience.

Another bathroom accessory that are only around to accentuate the bathing experience is the bath bomb. Bath bombs were created in 1989 and are made up a bicarbonate base and a weak acid which when introduced to water reacts vigorously adding emollients and softeners to the bath that were made to moisturize and indulge the skin. They are normally quite eye-catching and colorful which are available in a potpourri of fragrances.

Luxury is what comes to mind while thinking about this next bathtub accessory. Bathtub caddies are designed to rest across a tub and to give space for everything a person could possibly need or want including easy access to their favorite bath accessories and hold such things as candles, books, tablets, and glasses. When choosing a bathtub caddy, it would be good to remember that it is around a lot of water and steam when in use, so it is important to assess the quality of materials used so it doesn’t mold, rust, or begin to smell over time. Smart shoppers would look for stainless steel, acrylic, or vanished bamboo to prevent rust or mold.

Of course there are audio and visual options, to further set the bathtime mood. Waterproof bluetooth speakers give a person the opportunity to stream music or an audiobook from the bathtub. These speakers also have the ability to answer calls without touching the considerably less waterproof cellular phone while relaxing in the bath. A couple well placed lights while soaking in the bath could also set the mood the right way. Color changing waterproof light emitting diode (LED) lights for the bathtub, are available, and would work to brighten the room, the bathtub and potentially a person’s mood . Some of these lights are remote-controlled and on the back of each light, there are normally large suction cups and built-in magnets for easy installation.

Baths can be a very effective part of a good daily routine physically, mentally, and emotionally. In order to  adjust to life changes, it’s important to allow indulgence into as many stress relief, relaxation tactics and wellness options as possible.

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