Is Your Netgear WiFi Switch Slow?

If your Netgear wifi switch is slow, it’s probably because it’s unable to connect to the internet. In this article, we will discuss how to fix the problem. If the red light continues to blink, you should check the router’s settings to see whether the problem is caused by the network itself, or by something else. If the network is slow, you may have overloaded the router, or you might be using the router for more than 5 devices.

If your switch is slow, you’ll need to check your router’s speed. Its MAC address is set at 100Mbps, while the LAN port is set at 10Mbps. If your router is running at less than 100Mbps, you’ll want to adjust the settings on it so that it’s able to cope with the traffic. A true switch will switch all the ports, not just a few.

Last Line

If you’re using a cable modem, the LAN side of the router is at 10mb. You’ll see the NIC light on the computer as well as the indicator lights on the hub. This shows that the LAN is using the WAN plane. If the NIC is using the LAN port, the MAC address of the PC should be set to WAN.

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