How to Maintain Himalayan Salt Lamp

Now, you have finally given in to the craze of rock salt lamps, which is the most-sought home accessory, and you’re thrilled to use it! That’s wonderful news, and we’re happy for your purchase!  But before you talk about this lamp with your friends or post it on your social media accounts, consider reading through and go over your lamp’s care instructions.

Despite the fact that salt lamps are quite sturdy and may survive for decades when used properly, improper handling might lead to a number of issues, such as frequent bulb fuses, damaged cords, or in the worst case of mishandling it, you might cause a fire!

Don’t worry though; much of this may be avoided with simple handling and care considerations that are practically common sense in nature. If you want to know more tips to maintain your lamp and keep everything safe, keep reading on.

Tips To Maintain Himalayan Salt Lamp

Keep Rock Salt Lamps Away From Areas With Naturally High Moisture Levels.

Your house has areas with naturally high moisture levels. Such places like the bathroom, the basement or attic, the laundry area, and the kitchen.

Your lamps will start to leak and collect an excessive amount of moisture under these circumstances. Damage to the lamp, the base, the cord, and the bulb fitting will happen from all this. The surface of the furniture could also be harmed since the salt water would “leak” on it and discolor it

Additionally, avoid placing your salt lamp on top of any devices, including speakers, TVs, and microwaves. Once more, this is done to stop moisture from leaking, entering and damaging your devices, which may lead to short circuits.

Keep your lamp on!

The best advice to maintain your salt lamp is to keep it on 16 hours daily to prevent possible moisture build up. Even better would be to keep it on always!

Rock salt lamps stay heated and any extra moisture evaporates while the lamp is on. You might worry,  “Won’t that be expensive?”  The reality is that salt lamp bulbs consume very little energy; even if you left them on all year, the cost would only be $10. Therefore, feel free to leave it on always. Also, there is no time restriction or expiration date on salt lamps, so make the most out of it!

Turn your lamp off!

If your lamp is placed close to an open window, in a high moisture environment, or is turned off for an extended period of time, it may begin to leak. You must dry this out, but first, be sure to turn off your lamp’s light.

A dry, clean cloth and a gentle dab would suffice to keep your rock salt lamp free from moisture. The salt lamp’s surface is rough, hence wiping would not be a great idea as it will scrape off or damage the lamp’s surface. Make sure your cloth is lint-free, as some particles may break off the surface.

Your worn out cotton shirt can do this simple magic trick.

Put some tea light candles around your lamp’s base

Placing four tealight candles around the base of your lamp is another approach to keep the base dry in humid weather.

These will maintain a warm and dry lamp base and evaporate any water that may be dripping down. Additionally, it looks fantastic!

Use placemats and trays under your lamps.

Placemats or a small tray should always be kept under lamps. These offer two benefits for two reasons. On top is that putting a base on rock salt lamps will protect your furniture from possible scratches. Aside from this, placemats and trays will collect any moisture that might drip from your lamp, saving you from the trouble of having to wipe it down after each use.

Do not place your lamp right next to loud speakers

The intense vibration may cause the internal bulb to impact the lamp’s inside and become displaced or ignite. Alternately, it can shake the filament ferociously once more, forcing it to ignite.

Do not wash your lamp directly with water

Never dip or wash rock salt lamps under water.

This tip is actually one you should have already known but in case you might overlook it, please be reminded to be careful to put your lamp away from the water. Why? Your favorite lamp is formed of salt, which dissolves in water.

Your salt lamp will start to sparkle and become more quartz-like after being washed. Although it doesn’t damage the light, it isn’t the intended use of salt lamps.

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