Detailed Guide On Sponsored Content

Would you like to promote your brand in an efficient way? You should consider sponsored content marketing. It helps spread your message to a wide audience. By Creating such posts, you will keep your brand on the top of popularity. It is a way to engage with your clients and build your brand awareness between them. This ultimate guide aims to reveal everything about sponsored content.

Sponsored Content Definition

Sponsored content is one of the most beneficial types of online advertising. A business owner pays to promote products/services. You have to cooperate with influencers and send them your products, expecting them to write informative reviews. It is the most organic content and your audience appreciates it. Sponsored content presents products/services in front of a big audience. It is a way to build strong relations with clients and partners. People trust such advertisements more than boring banner ads.

Common Types of Sponsored Content

Now, business owners can order sponsored content for many different platforms. You can choose one of these types to reach your audience:


A perfect length of a sponsored article is 700 – 2,000 words. Do not devote the entire article to describing your brandIf, as most media platforms will reject it. Your content must be informative and useful with an organic mentionings of your brand to boost awareness. Make sure that your text matches the general tone of the publication.

Posts on Instagram

Your company can use Instagram for promoting your services. You can use Instagram ads or create an eye-catching post, which will be promoted in feeds of other Instagram users. The biggest advantage of Instagram is that it permits you to set the price limit for ads based on the number of users’ clicks. By dealing with the top Instagram influencers, you will reach a big audience.


You can order video content, which incorporates your brand and spread it on popular YouTube or Vimeo channels. You have a big choice of topics of your audience’s interests. unboxing videos, tutorials, or top lists. Make sure that your brand is mentioned in the video and the description section.


You can order sponsored tweets for promoting your brand, landing them higher in the feeds, and boosting audience engagement. You will get charged a fee, which is based on the number of retweets/likes of your content.

Top listicles

Listicles are special articles, which are divided into small pieces. You can recognize such content on Buzzfeed, which looks like a slideshow. People like to read such content. Make sure you choose actual topics that follow the latest trends.

Pinterest pins

If you work in a retail-oriented business, Pinterest is the best choice for sponsored content. It is a perfect platform for discovering new brands and the latest trends. Pinterest uses a bidding system with controllable spending limits. To get access to Ads Manager, you will need to open a business account.

Carousel ads

It is a good option for sponsored content created by Facebook. Carousel ads give stunning results in promoting products, highlighting advantages of your services, and making your promotional campaign creative.

The Art of Developing Sponsored Content
You can create sponsored content in-house. You can choose the most suitable platform for your brand ads. It is recommended to use media analytics tools for  determining the most efficient media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer affordable pricing and an easy system to test out different ads options.

Make sure that your content looks organic on the site or social platform. Choose influencers who match your brand. Your audience should not have the feeling that you promote something. Do not stop searching for interesting topics, videos, and photos to boost people’s interest and engagement. Good luck!

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