Compelling Reasons to Use Backlit Signage

Custom backlit signs are impossible to miss despite the clutter of advertising messages that bombard people 24×7. These high-visibility trendy signs score very high on aesthetics, making the boring storefronts and commercial buildings look more attractive. With businesses increasingly turning to backlit signage, marketers need to understand the various benefits of this highly-effective advertising media.

Understanding Backlit Signage

Conventionally, advertising signage has light sources at the front. With backlit signage, the text and graphics are lit from the back and dispense with the need for external lighting. Backlit signs are typically self-contained in a lightbox containing the light source that shines onto the printed graphics from behind. Backlit signs are brighter and more eye-catching than front-lit signage, which is the reason for their growing popularity despite their expense. Some of the top benefits of backlight signs that make them such an appealing proposition:

Premium and Professional Looks

Signs with back lit print; especially those with LED lights are ultra-bright and visible from afar. The boxes containing the lights are slim and sleek and can be cut in any shape to house signs accommodating custom logos and letters. Advertisers are no longer restricted to square, circular, or rectangular boxes. The high-quality acrylic looks good and lasts long besides being break-resistant. The simple expedient of displaying backlit signage can lend a more premium and professional look adding to the business’s credibility.

Helps High-Impact Branding

Brand building is a complex and multi-dimensional activity, and often, with so many variables to manage, lighting invariable gets a back seat even though it is fundamental to visibility. Custom-built high-brightness backlit signage can make an impact in all sorts of weather conditions, despite environmental clutter and distractions. Backlit LED signage allows you to display custom-illuminated static and animated graphics for high-impact advertising. According to Forbes, versatility is one of the biggest attractions of digital signage. Since backlit signs are fabricated using high-quality base materials, UV-resistant inks, and long-lasting LED light, there is very little maintenance involved, and the signage will provide high-visibility brand support for years.

Visual Effects for Added Impact

The kind of visual effects, including complex and realistic motion graphics possible with LED-powered backlit signage, is unimaginable. Advertisers can create complex animation effects with movement, color changes, flashing lights, and now increasingly 3-D effects for a more engaging and realistic effect with advanced computer programming. Additionally, contour-cut backlit signage makes it easier to support branding with depth and texture that makes the sign come alive on the high street or inside your retail store.


Backlit signage makes it possible for businesses to advertise round-the-clock and convey the brand message in all environmental circumstances. The extra-bright and animated signs catch the eyes of passersby easily and make a better impact, helping advertisers stand out amidst the clutter with superior brand personality and professionalism. Moreover, with the use of technologically advanced LED lighting, advertisers can significantly reduce their environmental impact, lower their energy footprint, and save on electricity and maintenance costs. Most importantly, backlit signs make it easier to tell compelling brand stories with elements of surprise and delight for better memorability.

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