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8 Unusual Uses Of Garbage Bags

A dense garbage bag is a very useful invention, without which almost no production or construction can do today. Modern garbage bags greatly facilitate the task of storing and removing various waste. Their functional purpose, direct use can significantly improve the observance of cleanliness, order in the house, office, shopping centers, manufacturing enterprises.

Uses of Garbage Bag

Here are some unusual uses of trash or garbage bag:

Thermal Insulation

If you’re outside during the cold season, a plastic bag is great for keeping your body warm. The hole for the head should be made as small as possible, and for the hands it is better not to make it at all – just wrap yourself under the bag and keep warm.

If there are dry leaves, needles, or other materials (such as newspapers) nearby, you can fill the bag from the inside, improving the insulation. Moreover, a black garbage bag is much better at absorbing heat from sunlight.

Dry storage

Anyone who has ever gotten wet in the cold knows that a pair of dry socks is the most desirable thing in such a situation. Regular change of socks will save you from frostbite and gangrene. Keep ironed spare socks in a separate bag (preferably two).


A white or brightly colored trash bag can make a big difference in a search operation. Wear it or wave it like a flag to attract helicopters, boats, or passing travelers. If you get lost in the woods during the hunting season, you definitely don’t want to be a target. An orange garbage bag thrown over your clothes will warn hunters against unnecessary aggression towards you.

Insect screen

In areas where mosquitoes are especially dangerous, finding effective protection against mosquitoes is very important. Cut a few slots in a large garbage bag and hang it in the entrance of your hideout. This will prevent insects from entering, but will allow air to enter.

Waste collection

Excuse the bluntness – but this is the most important thing. In any disaster, diseases arise, inflicting a second wave of blow on the victims. Plastic bags are indispensable for maintaining hygiene in this situation.


With a couple of large bags (for outdoor tanks), combined with rope or branches, you can make a surprisingly effective one-person tent. If you’ve ever seen Bear Grylls disembowel a dead sheep to sleep in its skin, you know it’s not that easy. Avoid these hassles with our 95 gallon bags. You will save time, energy and calories.

Collecting water

Drinking from puddles can cause infection with hundreds of diseases. With a plastic bag, you can collect rainwater or dew from a clean environment. Dig a shallow hole in the evening, cover with a garbage bag, press down on the edges with stones.

Vapor barrier

Most people have used a trash bag as a makeshift poncho a couple of times in their lives, but staying dry is just as important. Protect the warm inner layers of your clothing from rain and fog with plastic bags. Tip: Make some ventilation holes in them so that moisture from sweat does not condense inside the bag.

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