3D Imprinting in Schools – Is it Worth the Effort?

The success of 3D imprinting in schools depends on the implementation of the right educational approach. While the results of the DfE trial are encouraging, more research is needed to evaluate whether 3D printing is really worth the effort. The authors of this study suggest that schools that want to make 3D printing more widely available should focus on senior managers’ support and encouragement of the process. Such managers should focus on building strong teams and helping teachers focus on learning objectives.

One key factor in the successful implementation of 3D imprinting in schools is access to the 3D printer. The implementation of the technology in schools may depend on the availability of a 3D printer in the school. Some schools have had to relocate the machine to the staff room. While this may have been convenient for students and teachers, it can impact the level of engagement and learning in the classroom. Furthermore, the DfE trial report points out that the printing of a single brain model could take an hour and a half. This indicates that 3D printing in schools is an expensive endeavor, but the students enjoy the results.

Last Line

The implementation of 3D printing in schools may depend on the availability of a printer and the time needed to maintain the machine. Some schools have moved the printer to a staff room, but this may have a negative impact on pupil engagement and learning effectiveness. As a result, some schools are reluctant to implement 3D printing in schools because of concerns about the cost and maintenance of the equipment. However, if a school has the necessary support, the process may work well.

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