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10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Melbourne prides itself as one of the top ten safest cities in the world in 2019. Other surveys confirmed that Melbourne’s crime rate is low, and women can safely roam around the city without threats from possible criminals. This makes Melbourne, the capital city of the southeastern state of Victoria, the center of development and the arts and a safe haven for its residents.

Despite these comforting statistics, one should keep their houses safe and properly locked while living in Melbourne. Here are time-proof ways to achieve a higher level of safety while living in Melbourne.

Pick up your mail, newspapers, and door-to-door advertising regularly.

We may have led busy lives taking care of our families and earning a living. Meanwhile, this should not be the reason not to make time to pick up our mail and newspapers from our inbox. Remember, the envelopes in our mailbox contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers, mobile phones, or middle names that criminals can use to hack bank or online accounts.

Make sure to close the door before leaving the house.

Closing the door is a traditional way of protecting our houses that we may have heard from our grandma. Meanwhile, we tend to forget how important this is, especially when we hurry to catch the school bus or become busy chatting with a neighbor outside. A door left ajar invites every roaming criminal to look at what is inside and what they can get from there. Consider arming your house’s security system and buy a steel door from a reputable steel door Melbourne shop. Aside from their practical, elegant design, items from a dependable steel door Melbourne shop provide excellent protection as it is so durable one cannot simply break them down. These doors are also resistant to wear and tear compared to other materials.

The steel door goes well with a door alarm system. Consider inquiring about these alarm systems upon purchasing steel doors in a nearby steel door Melbourne shop.

Blinds and curtains should remain shut at night.

Open blinds and curtains allow outsiders to observe who is inside your house. One can also easily see the furniture, interior design, and other appliances with open blinds and windows. Such a sight may only fuel a criminal’s desire to enter your home and get your valuables. Try to block the view leading to your house’s interior by closing blinds and curtains.

Keep an eye on your sliding patio door.

We may be busy tending the garden or entertaining visitors that we forget to secure the patio door. A sliding patio door is an excellent element in your home that allows people inside the house to appreciate the view of your yard. Meanwhile, this seemingly harmless door may become an accessible entry for pickpockets or thieves who will stealthily enter your home even if the front steel door is inaccessible.

Consider adding an alarm sensor in your patio door. Placing a deadbolt lock or adding a rod in the tracks can also ensure that the sliding door will stay closed.

Don’t leave the garage door open.

Buying a steel door from your trusted steel door Melbourne Australia shop should only be the beginning of your relentless effort to make your house safe. After ensuring you have closed the front and back doors, make it a point to close the garage door. Whatever you place in your garage should be kept private. Nobody should set foot in your garage and take your car and other valuables inside it.

Consider faking a goodbye when leaving a house.

Burglars and criminals get enticed to barge into an empty house. Thus, some people, although they live alone, fake goodbyes when they leave their place. This is an act showing that someone else is still at home and will make the criminal think twice about committing a crime.

Take advantage of Warning signs.

It is common for apartments to prohibit residents from bringing dogs and other pets inside. However, you can put on a warning sign outside your door, such as the classic ‘Beware of Dog’ sign, for security purposes. This may make criminals and thieves think about breaking in, considering you have a dog inside ready to sink its deadly, rabies-laden teeth to any enemy trying to breach your privacy!

Make sure to lock windows and doors.

According to statistics, some burglar incidents happen while a household member is present. Authorities attributed these incidents to unlocked windows and doors. You may have been experiencing a hectic day. Thus, you could not lock your door correctly. Consider buying a steel door from a trusted steel door Melbourne shop to raise your house security to the next level. Some of these steel doors have easy, automated designs that allow you to enter codes to close them. Some also require keys.

Choose a lock design that is most convenient and safe for your family.

Bring your car keys wherever you go, even in your bedroom.

Your car keys are small but effective devices to scare off criminals and burglars. While asleep, try to place them on your nightstand or anywhere accessible. If you feel like someone has barged into the house, hit the car alarm button to scare them off!

Don’t leave ladders and tools in your yard.

Ladders and tools are an encouraging sight for thieves and burglars to break into your house. They may use these tools to break windows and doors. Ladders can be a convenient device to climb your house’s second floor! Before calling it a day, clean your yard, pick up extra tools and keep them safely in the toolbox.

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